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Here from some of my past clients about their experience with me!

Haydee cared for our son on a 24-hour basis. We have a busy household of six, including four children in addition to her normal duties, she was always willing to pitch in and help with household demands. Often, she would take the initiative without being asked which was greatly appreciated. Haydee was organized and detail oriented. She is a very cheerful and affectionate person who had a positive attitude with our children, all of whom were delighted to spend time with her. Haydee's exemplary character was shown to us when our son was briefly hospitalize for an infection after he was born, she was there by our side, helping us through a difficult situation both emotionally and physically. For that, we will always be grateful.

-Darlene W.

As a first time mother, Haydee helped me through the roughest time in my life. I recommend Haydee Corona as a night nurse with my highest praise. She worked for me for two months after the birth of my first child in January of 2017. I briefly had two night nurses before her, but it was only when I started working with Haydee that I realized how much of a lifesaver one could be.

~Felicia D.


Haydee’s skill set is absolutely incredible – she was instrumental in the care and health of our infant son. Haydee has excellent clinical knowledge and clearly demonstrates a very high level of emotional intelligence – CRITICAL for NEW parents and a very important and necessary component for 24-hour. live-in care. Haydee lived with us and she became part of our family. We trust her implicitly – also CRITICAL for new parents with very busy lives and multiple commitments. We have the highest level of respect for her and we very confidently advance her candidacy for employ with any family.

~Christian T.


Right away Haydee put myself and spouse - and most importantly, my newborn- at ease the night we brought her home from the hospital. Haydee is Kind, loving, has a good heart and is a baby whisperer! Her guidance and advise put me at ease. which, as a first-time mom, is not easy to do. My family and I were so blessed to have her with us. She will be my one of my first phone calls when baby #2 comes!

~Nicole W.

We really loved having Haydee. Everything she said would happen, did happen and I think that is all
we can ask for. She even said that when it is time for her to leave we will be ready and will love it. We are
bonding with our son now more than ever and I know so much of that is because Haydee took the stress and anxiety out of those early stages and taught us so much about what to expect and how to handle each and every stage. Haydee went above and beyond, I would have to say the sleep training. Our son understands little things like gentle pats on his back and what that means. He will start to doze off when we trigger these cues and it allows him to be calm and just give in to his tiredness. It’s amazing to see!

~Beau H.

A little about Haydee … she is extremely caring and loving. Very genuine. I really feel like she loves our baby  as much as we do and we were so sad when it was time to say goodbye. As a first time mom she took care of me and i never felt judged especially during those first few weeks when i was a hormonal mess. She took on every task with a great attitude - baby’s laundry, bottles, straightening up or living room at night where the baby hangs out all day, restocking diaper stations, telling me what I needed to order as we were running low. she never canceled one single time with us, never rushed to get out the door in the morning and always kept us well informed of what happened with my baby the night before. It really felt like this all comes second nature to Haydee versus it being a “job”.

Having what feels like a 3rd parent is life changing and I joke Haydee is like my therapist. She showed up every night with a smile and i always went to bed so relived she was there and feeling like we had a plan in place and everything was running smoothly. She really became a part of our family and we will definitely be using her for out second baby. 

~Lisa H.

I have the pleasure of knowing Haydee for the past 3 years. Over these years Haydee has helped us in many occasions like for example when I was pregnant of my first daughter and she helped us get started with the care and routines of our baby. Then when I became pregnant of my twins we were so lucky to have her again and she help helped us with them too. During the pregnancies she helped us get ready with all the organization aspects of having a baby and also giving me emotional support. Later when my daughter and the twins were born she helped us taking care of them and teaching me a lot of techniques: to put them to sleep, to breastfeed them, and a lot of helpful things. She is truly an expert and I have learned so much with her. Also, I was able to rest at night and feel that our babies were in the best possible hands. Personality wise, Haydee is very kind, responsible, trustworthy, extremely organized and respectful with us and with our babies. She was a true blessing for us!

 ~Carolina and Alfred G.

I was lucky enough to catch haydee in between her longer jobs, I had already gone through a few challenges with night nurses in the los angeles area. I was very jaded already by the time I interviewed for a fill in nurse, then I met Haydee.. She was and is a dream come true. She showed up every night on time and with a smile on her face. Always knowing when and what to say and how to say it. She was such a light gentle touch with my baby and truly is a baby whisperer. She is a teacher and a coach and a bright light that comes in and you can feel it is as soon as she enters your home. If a could I would have kept her on for years... Believe me I would have! A great mother herself  she has so much compassion for anyone. She is a true gem, honest and trustworthy and hard working person. Haydee just sees what needs to be done and.... She does it. There are few very few great people in the world like her and if you have the opportunity to have her work for you and be the newborn care specialist to your new baby.. You should book her now before some one else does! 

-Tara S.

My wife and I were blessed with three beautiful children, but as you might imagine as new parents of three newborns we were a it overwhelmed when we first brought them home. Haydee provided the comfort we needed to get through some of our challenges and we are happy to say that after 7 months our children are doing well and sleeping through the night. Haydee was always professional in offering her advice when she saw we needed help, but more importantly she allowed us to be parents and go through the normal trial and error phase with some of our ideas. during the course of her time with us she continually made slight changes to the nightly routine to get us to a point to where our kids would sleep through the night. Her experience caring for newborn multiples was one of the main reasons we felt comfortable working with her and we are extremely satisfied with our decision.

-Michael D.

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