I offer a range of services to help support you in the best way for your family and your individual needs. My care is focused on providing the finest education, practical support, rest, and family well-being possible. If you don't see a package that fits your needs, feel free to reach out so we can create a custom package tailored to precisely you!

Newborn Care

This service includes complete care of your newborn, available during the day or overnight. During this time I will maintain a log of feeding, diapers, naps, and sleep patterns. I will assist you with breastfeeding or bottle feeding demonstrate and teach soothing techniques that will help calm your newborn, and assist in establishing healthy sleeping habits for your baby. This package is perfect for you if you want all the benefits of having a NCS but do not need 24 hour coverage. During day shifts I am able to help educate you on the care of your baby, and at overnight shifts I can focus on helping your baby (and you) get the best sleep possible.

Infant Sleep Coaching

For parents who feel they will be able to implement my customized infant sleep plan, I offer a one month in-home consultation for sleep conditioning. Parents will use the plan to work with their infant to sleep better and longer. Then they will meet with me throughout the process to make sure everything is going well, and to educate and answer any questions they may have. Includes one full month of unlimited e-mail and text with your infant sleep coach. This package is great for parents who have slightly older babies who may not have had sleep conditioning from day one.

24-7 Live-In Care

For those who want more support in the first 12 weeks, my newborn care services is available in a live-in capacity. I offer a full 20 hours of care each day, with a four hour break for rest. This package includes, but is not limited to: organization and maintenance of the nursery, maintaining an eating and behavioral pattern log, supporting parents in any potential issues of concern with the newborn, and always offering professional options and referrals. You receive the ultimate support as you transition into life with your new baby. All your questions answered, lots of time to rest and recover from birth, and a sense of wellbeing knowing that everything is taken care of.

Group Parenting Class

In this fun and interactive class for expectant couples, you will learn everything there is to know to prepare you for those first weeks home with your baby. Everything from burping, swaddling, and bathing, to healthy sleep habits, feeding patterns, and scheduling. Begin your parenting journey with confidence! Everything you learn in this class can be applied as soon as you bring baby home. You will also receive handouts to refer to once you're in that just-gave-birth new parent fog--so don't worry, you don't have to remember every single detail! Know that you're doing everything to prepare for your sweet baby and have the tools and know how to navigate it well.

Parenting Consultation

Offered in a one-on-one in-home setting, I will answer all your questions related to the care of your baby. I will start by observing your little one in your home setting, and we will discuss strategies, troubleshoot possible problems, and I will demonstrate how to get your baby to establish a good day and night time routine. We will go through a Nursery Check to make sure your baby's space is set up in an organized manner. In this consult you will learn soothing techniques to calm your baby, you will learn Breastmilk guidelines for storing your milk, and I will guide you into breastfeeding techniques for a better latch. You will learn different swaddle techniques and other baby care basics. 

Nanny Workshop

How to Be a Successful Nanny is a one day workshop for nannies and covers interview skills, building a solid contract, creating a professional resume, and other business related skills. Nannies will also learn basic infant care skills that are vital to this work of caring for babies. Any nanny who is thinking about working with newborns and new parents will learn skills they can apply right away to improve their business and better serve their clients. It has always been a passion of mine to mentor nannies and newborn care specialists and I am thrilled to be able to share this knowledge with you.

Advanced Newborn Care Specialist
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